Wholesale Workshop

The Wholesale Workshop is a 5 Session series on finally getting results in the area of wholesale.   We will be walking you through how we analyze lists, how we find and contact vendors, how we train our virtual assistants, and how we manage our reorders.

BONUS: Get an Updated list for the Best TradeShows for 2016!

By the end of the workshop our goal is that you have all the tools that you need to:
-Get 2-3 Profitable Wholesale Vendors
-Have a Virtual Assistant Trained to Help You in the Process
-Be able to systemize re-ordering to minimize risk and maxmize profits

The Wholesale Workshop Team

Robyn Johnson

Unstoppable Entrepreneur

Amazon expert, speaker, author, and self-proclaimed Disney Nerd.

Robyn will be presenting the way that we source wholesale giving you the process we spent over 2 years developing.

Rochelle Sanchez

Operations Manager

Process and Detail diva and probably a little creeped out Robyn swiped this picture off Facebook

Nate Johnson

Spreadsheet Master

Often referred to as "Robyn's husband," Nate is the expert on the team for flat files, keywords, listing creation, and Amazon Sponsored Ads

What's the Plan?

We will be having 5 sessions in total plus the Q&A
-Acces to Wholesale 1.0 & 2.0 Modules
- Updated list of over 200+ Trade Shows for 2015-2016
-Dedicated Wholesale Workshop Facebook Group
-Reimbursment Magic Sheet

Session 1

VA Hiring & Training - Buy Back Your Time

Session 2

List Analysis - Use Your Tools!

Session 3

Vendor Negotiation - Give Your Business the Edge

Session 4

Bringing New Items to Amazon

Session 5

Re-Ordering & Niching Down


Q and A Session Replay

What Is Included

We want to make sure that you have the knowledge and the accountability you need to get wholesale accounts as quickly as possible.  By spending the time now to develop your wholesale accounts you will set yourself up for a more proffitable and less stressful Christmas selling season.   The following is included in the Wholesale Workshop:"

What's Included:

5 Session Workshop
Wholesale Sourcing Course 1.0 & 2.0 
Hiring and Training VA’s  Course
Replenish Spreadsheet
Bonus Q and A Session
Private Facebook Group 

That is a $410.00 value for only 97.00
(This workshop is completely FREE for members of our Unstoppable Amazon Academy)